Nanoliter liquid handler - Echo 555

The Echo 555 is a superior nanoliter liquid handler. Gadgitech Ltd has completed integrating 2 Echos within an Ultra High Throughput Screening automation system.

The integration accomplishes the following:

1. Dynamic Intermediate plate creation by cherry picking source plates.
2. Dynamic Dose Response plate creation by cherry picking Intermediate plates.
3. Standard screening plate creation for primary screens.
4. Compound management databases.
5. Audit trails for plate volumes and surveys.
6. Audit trails for well transfers.
7. Reporting facilities

Laser Sealer - Fusion

Laser sealing has proved to be an efficient method of plate sealing.

A KBioScience Laser Sealer was integrated by Gadgitech Ltd as part of an upgrade to an Ultra High Throughput Screening system. This would give the system advanced preparation abilities and hence an increase in throughput during day to day screening activities.

Plate Peeler - Nexus Xpeel

Utilizing an ingenious yet simply concept, this device effectively removes the seal from standard screening plates.

Gadgitech Ltd has successfully implemented two plate peelers within an Ultra High Throughput screening system.

Result Analyser

A piece of software custom written for Genentech's early leads group to visualize assay data.

Assay results are automatically imported and interpreted base on Excel templates created by the user.
Results are then visually represented within the application with the option to analyze specific data in MS Excel.

In summary, the application allows the following:

Easy template creation.
Simple data import.
Accurate data representation
Fast analysis during the running of the actual assay
Fast response to potential assay irregularities e.g liquid handler failure
Time saving due to automated nature of the application.

V11 Plateloc

A tried and tested heat sealer which proves that keeping it simple can still get the job done without lowering quality.

Quality Control

Realtime quality control for Echo liquid handlers.

Data Migration

Automated data migration and validation of assay specific data to centralize compound management inventories.


Cellavista cell imager integration


Festo modular integration for direct and PLC driven applications.


Stand Bioraptr client server control


Centrifuge and access integration


Viewlux reader integration, data archive and QC